This is Nelson. I managed to photograph him right on time, before autumn arrived, bringing rain, very cold winds and chilling temperatures in the morning. I also photographed his human family, which I will show a bit later, on my other website, Melissa Patalano.


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I’m convinced that homeopathic doses of dog pictures will one day make the world a better place. If you were fed daily with pictures of cute dogs being adorable, especially to each other like the ones below, people would realised there is much to learn from dogs!  When do we humans ever met someone for the first time and stop and stare with such love and kind expressions??

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I just love old dogs, especially if their faces have become gray. I love how cool they are, the tranquility they show, how laid-back and not all over the place like younger dogs can be. It reminds me a lot about my baby. :-) This is Zoro, who I met last week at the park. I hope he has a wonderful retirement, like all dogs deserve.







Zoro_02 Zoro_01








I made a visit to the dog park today and was surprised at how many puppies I saw there playing, at least 10-15. I have many pictures to go through but just wanted to show this cute little lady who looked at all humans with those needy eyes and gigantic stick in her mouth, begging for someone to throw it. How can you resist?



It’s so nice when someone trusts you to be beside them when they are about to bid farewell to their dog, and then sends you a thank-you note.

Tack för ditt deltagande i vår stora sorg efter vår kära Xanto.
Vi tror att dina bilder blir väldigt bra och kommer att hjälpa oss att komma ihåg vilken fantastisk god kamrat han har varit i 10 år.

Xanto  2004-2014

Med vänlig hälsning

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This is Xanto and unfortunately I only got to meet him because his family, together with the vet, had decided that he deserved to rest after many years of health issues. I was honoured to be entrusted the mission of documenting his final day with the people that loved him the most in the world. Having gone through this myself, I know the emptiness one feels afterwards is indescribable. But to care this much for an animal to realise that it’s time to let go is not for everyone. Xanto was one lucky dog to have been surrounded with so much love and care, right until the end.

This is my second post about the Dog Show a few weeks back…

This was the first time in years that I had visited the Dog Show after my loss some months back. It was honestly, at some points very hard to be around so many dogs and dog-owners and just feel the love, the connection they had with each other. What you get from a friendship like this you don’t get anywhere else. Here is some good evidence…

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I survived the Dog Show. Actually, the weekend was beyond my expectations. I’m not sure about the official figures, but it was truly amazing to see so many dogs (of different shapes, sizes and colours) could just get along in such a crowded place. Not to mention the visitors  petting, asking questions and just overall drooling on top of them.

What was also really great about the show was that I got to meet many Scandinavian breeds that you normally don’t see around on the street that much. I meet breeders from all over the country and I could see myself getting a Swedish dog/breed. But my absolute favourite was a Norwegian breed, called Norsk Lundehund. It’s just like a small fox, but weighs less. The dog is super agile, flexible and has truly amazing colours. It also has a very interesting story. If you google it, you’ll find out that until 1960, this breed only existed in Lofoten, in Norway. Pretty amazing. But the most amazing thing of all is that this dog is the best example (I’ve so far encountered) of evolution. The dog has six toes and not five like all other breeds, and it’s paw has a wider/bigger footpad. This has been bred over many generations so it could walk on rocks, hunting puffins.

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This weekend is the grand Dog Exhibition in Stockholm and Slobber Online will be there! There will be a lot to do and see in just so little time so I have to chose wisely where to be. But I suspect that the pugs section will be a favourite! If you want some cool shots of your furry friend, don’t hesitate to contact me! See you there!Slobberonline_hundmässa

I just love old dogs. They have gone through so much, they’ve seen a lot and if they are really lucky, they have had the same owner their entire lives. Bessie on the first picture is one of these lucky dogs. Her owner has had her since she was about 8 weeks old and now she is almost twelve. You can clearly see the age signs on her but to me she is beautiful. Old dogs are the best friends one can have.

Shelley, the younger dog on the post (the last two pictures), has so much expression in her face that she is ready to tell a story. I could sit here all afternoon just imagining what’s going on in her mind just by looking at her expressions. The before and after picture to me shows that he has just spotted a big juicy steak and on the second he has eaten it and is trying to look innocent to his owner….ha ha. All it takes is some imagination.

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